Friday, February 20, 2009

My Old Man

Last Sunday was Vince's 42nd birthday. 42nd and hot. Really, he's just as attractive, if not more attractive, than when I met him 16? years ago. I think it was sixteen years ago. Geesh, I'm getting old too, and my memory is failing me. But really, when I think about it, he is more attractive now, then way back then. He had a thing for tank tops, and his hair . . . well, not the best. Anyway, our wonderful neighbor, Hilary, watched the kids and we went to Texas de Brazil to eat way too much meat. But tomorrow is the real celebration. We're having some friends over for food, drink and fun. My husband loves his rum, so I decided on a Jamaican theme on our gathering . . . Jerk Pork, Yellow Rice, Black Beans and of course rum punch (and lots of it). To add the final feel to the day, the frosting on the proverbial birthday cake if you will, I joined Napster yesterday so I could download some steel drum music. Seven day free trial. I figured we'll have some fun, funky music, Caribbean style on Saturday, let the rum punch flow freely, and on Monday I can cancel and save my $12.95. Well, after getting down with my bad self for two days now, I'm wondering how I ever did without my beloved music for so long. I used to really be into music. Now, if I'm not in the car, I'm not listening to it. And then I'm at the DJ's mercy. So, my question is, is $12.95 a month too much to feel young again? After all, I'm turning 40 myself this year, and any bit that fountain of youth I can grab, I'm grabbing!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Bug

We got it. And I mean, we all got it. There was a nasty something going around around Christmas time, and we managed to avoid it. Not surprising since I really don't ever leave the house. But somehow it caught up with us, and now we're all snotty, stuffy headed, congested and miserable. But it's surprising to me how active kids are even when they're not well. I shouldn't have to keep telling them to settle down when they sound like they're going to cough up a lung everytime they cough. What I would give for some good old Nyquil right now. And I mean the old formula, the good stuff, before they ruined it with the new formula. That stuff is worthless now. Geez, listen to me, cranky much?