Thursday, August 24, 2006

"There Is Nothing Going On Down There"

I had my weekly check-up with my OB yesterday, and that's what I was told. Which is just fine with me. I still have two and half weeks to go anyway. Plus, there's so much going on in every other aspect of my life right now, I really down want anything going on "down there" anway.

Vince drove up to Montana and got our stuff out of storage up there. We didn't tell anyone we were planning on getting our stuff out because we wanted to avoid as much drama as possible. Of course that backfired. After removing our things and getting back on the road, Vince called my cousin's husband and told him he decided to not come and work for him afterall. Vince didn't want to get into any of the nastiness, he said/she said crap that has been trickling down, and just tried to keep it at that. But Chris wouldn't let it go. So Vince ended up telling him what he thought of all the rumor mongering, called him arrogant and judgemental, and ended the call by saying that he hoped their paths never crossed again. Of course being who these people are, and doing what they do, my cousin then called my 83 year-old grandmother, who by the way has nothing to do with any of this, and told her that my husband just threatened her husband. "I hope our paths never cross again", was twisted into "you better hope our paths never cross again". This is what they're good at, and since they really have nothing better to do, it seems they get a lot of practice. So now my uncle is calling my grandma, telling her Vince threatened Chris, so I'm wondering who will be next. Diane Sawyer? Ted Koppel? Barbara Walters? Who else can they go to to spead some more rumors? After calling my grandmother, my cousin then called me, blah, blah, blah. I held my own and kept my cool. But then she called me again last night, and I lost it. I ended the conversation by reminding her that I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and didn't need her calling and upsetting me anymore, so I asked to not call me again and hung up. Of course my phone rang all night. The only time my phone stopped ringing was when I placed an outgoing call and purposly stayed on the line for as long as I could. By time I hung up it was almost 10pm, so at least the rest of my night was peaceful. Seriously, what kind of psychopath repeatedly calls a pregnant woman to upset her?

In other news, our house has officially fallen out of escrow. If it technically was ever in escrow I'm not sure, but we're back on active status on the MLS. That's three weeks of our lives wasted. And now I need to get this house back into showing shape, which I'm really not up to. But I do what I can.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pissed Off!

O-kay, I wasn't going to say anything until is was a done deal, because I didn't want to jinx us, but we seem to be jinxed anyway, so here it goes. A couple of weeks ago we got a couple of offers on the house. One was total crap, we countered, and they walked away. The other was o-kay, except that they wanted more money back at close of escrow than we wanted to give. But apparently these people have no cash down and are financing 100%, we countered, they came back with basically the same offer, and we decided to take it afterall. After weighing the pros and the cons, we decided the market here is really getting soft, and we'd like to get on with our lives and what's $15K in the long run. So we accepted the offer and thought things were moving along. We called the septic guys to get the system inspected, we called the termite guys to get all that started, etc, etc. Then we get a call from our agent, who is our friend Dave, who tells us that the buyers have not dropped off their deposit check to the escrow company yet, have not scheduled a home inspection yet, and have come up with some cockamamey concern that their over-active five year-old is going to play on the propane tank and blow it up. What?! First of all, who lets their five year-old (over-active or not) play on a propane tank, which is in the front yard, next to the road, unattented, anyway? After talking to the buyers agent, Dave finds out that these people have been putting their agent through quite a trying time and he said if they don't go through with this deal, he's dropping them as clients. And I'm sitting here thinking that we took an offer we really weren't happy with, gave them the microwave and washer and dryer they asked for, gave them a short escrow (45 days, they wanted us out by August), even though I'll be moving with a 10 day old newborn, in addition to everything else and these people cannot even have the consideration to get off the pot or piss. Either sign the freaking release form letting us out of the contract with them, or get moving and get the things done that they need to get done to move forward in this whole debacle. Apparently they have 17 days to make up their minds. So once again I'm back to living in limbo, and frankly I'm really sick of it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Del Mar Races

My mom went to the race track on Sunday with some friends. I was hoping she'd have a good time and win lots of money. I just got this e-mail from her today. She cracks me up!

"Well your mother is no genius when it comes to betting on the horses. I'll be the first to admit.

But when in the 6th race, number 6 was named Cabo's Dawn - I figured it was a sign.
You were born on the 6th and the horse had your name. What else, the jockey was wearing hunter green with white diamonds - Vince's favorite color is green and you like diamonds. The owner of this horse's last name was Galleger, my favorite restaurant in Vegas - sure the stars and moon had aligned - this was surely a sign from God.

The horse came in last - fuckin horse."

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh! The Drama

I cannot believe how long it has been since I've posted anything. I'll try to condense the goings-on over the past three or four weeks.

1) Vince headed up to Montana to start working and was gone for almost five weeks.

2) After five weeks of missing his family, missing Annamaria's first steps, Sophia and Harrison's week of Vacation Bible School, missing his wife getting larger and larger during her pregnanacy, he decided to come home for a week for a visit.

3) Vince got home on a Saturday night and was scheduled to return back up north a week later. The day before he was to leave us, a 16-year old with a driver's license less than a month old ran into Vince's truck which was parked in front of our house. I'm not sure how one hits a parked car, but she hit the back of his truck, which rammed it into a telephone pole, flipped her SUV, then landed on the front of his truck. Totalling his 2003 Tundra. See photos for full impact. I'm just thankfull she got away with only 16 stitches in her arm, and was the only injury.

4) Now Vince had been working for my cousin's husband's family landsurveying company. And they were very flexible and accommodating about when he could start, and promised so much overtime to make up for the huge salary cut he was taking to work for them, etc, etc. Vince called up to Montana to report that he would not be returning when scheduled and explained the accident. He was then critisized for not giving enough notice when he decided to come home in the first place. They were unhappy. Vince appoligized for taking advantage of his personal relationship with them, he thought they would understand, and they said they did.

5) A couple of days later we received another call from Montana in which we were critisized for our decision of me staying home with the house and kids until the house sells, and Vince going up north to work. A decision that they "would not support", we were told. Vince should be home with me and the kids, a decision they felt adamant about, ignoring the fact that we still have a mortgage to pay and are sacrificing as we see fit. But he was told he still had a position waiting for him when he did get back up there. I guess they were just going to give him a hard time if he came back up without the rest of us. What business it is of anyone else's, I'm still not sure.

6) Vince received another phone call from Montana in which he was critisized and his character was called into question because while in Montana he went to mass at the cathedral in Helena, instead of driving six-hours round trip to attend a latin mass with my cousin and her husband and kids.

7) While waiting to see what the insurance was going to do about his truck, Vince called up to the office in Montana to ask one of the guys about his truck. Word got around that Vince called and asked to speak to someone other than my cousin's husband. So my cousin calls specifically to ask into the phone call, correcting Vince that if he calls the office he needs to speak to her husband, not anyone else. We explained that the call was not work related, it was truck related, and Vince would never go over her husband's head regarding work matters. My cousin then went into some rampage about a "he said/she said" conversation, which even if "he did say" would not have been any of her business anyway. And instead of chalking the whole thing up to a miscommunication, she automatically jumps to the conclusion that someone is lying, which she'll need to "speak to" someone about. All I've got to say at this point is, Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all full up here.

7) Needless to say, Montana has lost its luster for us. While the location is still appealing, the having every aspect of our life put under a microscope to be judged and critisized upon is not. There is enough drama in life, I don't need anyone adding anymore.

8) So Vince is now home where he belongs, waiting for the insurance company to get back to him with a settlement on his truck so he can replace it, looking for another job here in San Diego to tie us over until this house does finally sell, and looking into other areas of the country that we may be interested in moving our family to.

9)Oh, and my cat got out again, and this time he hasn't come back. It's been two weeks, I think he's gone for good. Very sad. And I could really use some kitty lovin right about now.