Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was sitting here at the computer, just wasting time. Dinner is prepped, and I'm waiting for Vince to return from Home Depot to finish it off. Shrimp fajitas, in case anyone is interested. Anyway, I was wasting time, reading random blogs from people I don't even know, when it occured to me. I can feel the baby move. In my abdomen, just below my bellybutton and to my right, I keep feeling a little poking sensation. How exciting. I have an OB appointment tomorrow afternoon too. Not that that is really anything exciting, but it seems like progress in my otherwise limbo life.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And So It Begins

The night before last, I woke up just after 1am, with the need to pee. I hate having my sleep disturbed. Not that I sleep all that great to begin with, Vince thinks I have sleep apnea, but who knows. All I know is that I never wake up rested, only sleepy wishing I could sleep longer. Anyway, aparently I've gotten to the point where enough pressure is on my bladder that I can no longer make it through the night without having to take a break from sleep to pee. As if feeling green most of my days were not enough. Also, a couple nights ago the acid reflux started. Last night it was so uncomfortable I fell asleep sitting up in bed. Tums did not help. At some point in the night Vince told me I was keeping him awake. So I moved myself to the big chair in our bedroom, and finished my night of fitful sleep there. I spent half of my pregnancy with Annamaria and Harrison sleeping in either the chair in our room or on the couch. I'm not looking forward to a repeat of that. So let the discomforts of pregnancy begin. My favorite of course is peeing my pants whenever I sneeze. Ahh, something to look forward to.

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Little Sad

At our church we have a general reconciliation service twice a year. Once before Easter, and once before Christmas. At this mass, most of the priests in our area take turns at each other's parish to help hear reconciliation, or "confession". So there will be about eight or so priests at this mass, to help go through the crowds in a more reasonable about of time. Before this service, the "host" priest either takes out the other priests to dinner, or has them over for dinner to socialize before the reconciliation mass. For the past couple of years, Father Jim has hosted the dinner at his home, and I've been his caterer. Father Jim is known for appreciating the finer things of life, and really enjoys a good meal, so it's been a pleasure cooking for him. This morning I got a call from my friend Sue, who received an e-mail from the parish secretary, Elizabeth, this morning, asking her if she would be interested in cooking for the priests before the reconciliation mass this year. Elizabeth knows we're moving, and knows I've been turning down work, so I'm sure that is why she approached Sue. Sue called to ask what to expect, what I've been serving, etc, etc. It's just a little sad to work so hard to build a business, to gain a good reputation, and to have repeat customers, only to have to let it all go and move on. I'll miss those dinners for the priests. There is one priest, Father Beaugious, who's is retired but always shows up to help. And he is such a pleasure, so warm and friendly. I'm really going to miss him. And sometimes the priests conversations get pretty interesting. I felt like I had an inside tract on what was really going on sometimes. Sometimes it's just hard to let go.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blessed or Cursed, You Be The Judge

Well, the cat is out of the bag. The grand-parents have been informed, so the secret is out. Baby Booth #4 is currently in development. And I must say, I think I'm handling it all very well. Our house is even more of a construction zone than usual, but that's because of all the progress being made. My husband has been unemployed since December, but he has a job waiting for him in Montana. When we finally get there that is. And my youngest child is only 10 months old, and will only be 16 months old when this one is born. But I love her to death, so how bad could another be? I really freaked out about having #3, and she is nothing short of perfection, so I'm now actually kind of excited. In a "oh my gosh, what have we done" sort of way. A friend of mine once told me, "once you have three, you might as well as have six". Three is the breaker. Well, I don't know about six, but I'm really o-kay with four. Besides, I'm 36 years old. Advanced maternal age. And while I certainly don't mean to be greedy, that biological clock is ticking. Loudly. Who ever thought an only child, me, would end up having a large family? Not me. But they do bring me joy. Along with a lot of other feelings, but mainly joy. So I'll take the bad with the good, and consider myself blessed.