Sunday, April 09, 2006

Photo Bonanza

In all the stuff being done around the house lately, my computer has been unavailable to me. So I've been having to check my e-mail, etc on Vince's computer, which he conveniently set up for himself in the pantry. Anyway, he finally did our taxes yesterday, so he had to hook my computer back up since it's my computer that has the tax software installed on it. It is also my computer that has the digital camera disk scanner installed on it, so I was finally able to download the photos that have been sitting in the camera waiting to be transferred to the computer. That is why there have been no photos with my blogs lately. So here is my attempt to catch up . . .
Annamaria and the Pepper

Annamaria and the Marshmallow

Annamaria and the Cracker

Only having two bottom teeth doesn't slow Annamaria down in the eating department. Friday night she ate more than Sophia and Harrison combined.

Here are a couple of photos of Harrison after having a dirty good time in the backyard.

Thankfully he likes getting clean just as much as he does getting dirty.

Of course Sophia is usually away at school when I have the camera out, so I'll have to catch up with her later.


Jessica said...

What adorable kiddies--it's great to see photos again. :) I hope you are all happy and healthy too. I couldn't believe your last entry!!!

Lena said...

Great photos! I love Annamaria's eyes, so pretty. Olivia is the eater in our family too. Hope you are doing well.