Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh, I'm So Bored

I've been doing the "Stay At Home Mom" thing for a while now, but being at home with three kids and not catering is driving me a bit crazy. You'd think I'd be busier than ever with Vince being out of town and having to do it all myself, but no. There is only so much housework that needs to be done, there is no school to drive anyone to or from. And since I didn't think we'd still be here, I didn't make any arrangements for the kids to keep them busy. I did mow the lawn today though. There is a first time for everything. Yes, I'm 36 years old and have never mowed the lawn in my life. I'm allergic to grass and really am not suposed to. Vince made arrangements with the kid next door to do it, but it's been a week and I think it's rediculous that I should wait for the kid next door to get around to it when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself. So today, about 6pm when it started cooling off outside I tackled the backyard. It reminds me of vaccuuming, only I'm cutting stuff down instead of sucking stuff up. No biggie. I'm glad we only have 1/4 acre and it's all flat though. I could see how it could be a real job over rough terrain or a large expanse of grass. Tomorrow's big plan is taking the kids to the farmer's market. The next day, the library. Thursday I have a doctor's appointment and my friend is taking the kids for the day. It's the little things that get me by. Friday I'm sure I'll be cleaning like a mad woman because we're having another open house on Saturday. Pray that it brings us a buyer. I don't know how much longer I can sit around and wait for this house to sell. Today marks my 28th week of pregnancy. It would be nice to not go into labor during the move. Whenever that may be.

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Jessica said...

First off, I am STUNNED that you have never mowed a lawn! Wow!

Secondly, good luck with your open house this weekend. Hopefully a buyer in a big hurry will come along. :)