Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hold Everything!

I knew I'd find something to complain about. Last night I got a call from our real estate agent letting me know that one of the buyers, the one carrying the loan, was hesitating on being the only person on the title to the house. Now, I'm really not racist, or prejudice. At least I don't think I am, but this is the second round of real estate nightmares and both buyers were hispanic. The first, a Ms. Nunez, just backed out for no legitimate reason. At least none that she could give. And kept us off the market for three weeks during prime selling season while she made up her mind as to whether she wanted to go ahead with the purchase of the house or not. Now, the second, also involves hispanics. All I know is that there was a young woman, currently pregnant, her two small children, a young man, and an older woman were the ones who came to look at the house. When we got the offer, they were signed by an Amos someone. Now I was told that this Amos person doesn't want to be the only person on the title, but no one else has good enough credit to qualify for the house. And this was all suposed to be a done deal, he was pre-qualified and everything, so he knew he'd be the only person on the title and now he's backing out. Now when they had the home inspection, another young man by the name of Roberto, who is suposed to be the boyfriend of the young pregnant woman, showed up with the buyer's agent and the inspector. He didn't speak English so I didn't speak to him myself, but he is suposed to be living here too and wants the deal to go through. The young woman also wants the deal to go through. So who is this Amos person, and how does he fit into the puzzle? And why can't we just get some normal people in the door who have their act together, and can act like responsible and civilized people? So now Roberto is trying to get his mom to sign for the loan on the house. So say a little a prayer, make a little wish, do a little dance, whatever it is you do. We could use any help we could get at this point.

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Lena said...

The same thing happened to us when we sold our first house. On the day of signing they tried to back out saying that they did not have the money. Long story short, our agent "made it happen", someone else came up with the money, and the people who were suppose to buy our house never moved in and the guy that fronted the money ended up using it as a rental. It was so frustrating but in the end it all worked out. Hopefully it will be the same for you guys!