Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why I Hate Insurance Companies

It's been a while since I've posting anything, and honestly it's because I've just been too angry. Too angry to just settle down and coherently write anything down. I lie in bed at night with conversations running though my head. I make up comebacks and zingers in case I should ever speak to one of the mentally incompetent people that work for our insurance company ever again. The reason for my anger? For starters, it has been over eight months since our moving trailer, which contained the majority of our household items, was stolen and we have not seen a cent from our insurance company. To make matters worse, our claims adjuster (I call her "that placenta woman" since her last name is very much like the word placenta) is a total moron. And in all this time, she has done all of nothing to settle our claim. Nothing, except to turn our claim over to the insurance companies lawyer for questioning. Yes, we were robbed and we are the one being treated like criminals. She ignores our e-mails and phone messages, and we have to tell her the same things over and over again, because apparently her skull is as thick as a brick wall. Her supervisor also ignores our calls, and the only reason he finally returned one of our calls was because I called the office and asked to speak to a manager. When the receptionist told me I could get the claim adjuster's supervisors number off her voice mail message, and I explained that we had already left four unreturned messages for him, she said "oh . . . yea let me find out who you need to speak to and I'll call you back". Well, the receptionist never called me back, and the manager never called me back, but suddenly the supervisor was calling Vince on his cell phone. The next thing we know we're getting a call from a pompous, self-important "Special Investigator" here in the Dallas area. He informed Vince that "you will come down to be questioned and you will answer those questions separately". That didn't go over too well with Vince to say the least. But I figured, hey, if they want me to come down to their lovely offices with my four loud and rowdy kids to question me for a couple of hours, then let them try. I hope they have a large supply of Excedrine in that office, because I will be giving my kids a short vacation from all sorts of behavior expectations and discipline. Of course "pompous and self-important" could not be bothered to call me back to confirm our meeting, so when I called I was told that he was a very busy man and hadn't had time to get around to booking the conference room yet. He'd let me know. He never did. Vince had to contact him to find out that our claim has been sent over to the companies lawyer, who will contact us to set up a meeting time. But the lawyer just had open heart surgery, so we're not sure when he'll be feeling up to taking statements just yet. And the thing is that we're not dealing with some rinky-dink fly-by-night no-name insurance company here. We're dealing with AAA. I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and have the forms to file complaints with the Texas and California Insurance Commissioners but I'm hoping Vince will just take care of those because I'm just to burnt to fight anymore. So lately I've been living on the edge. Unfairly short tempered with my kids, and unable to sleep at night. So today I went to the doctor and he gave me some Rozerem to try. Hopefully my bed-time conversations will cease, and I'll be able to get some rest. The good part is that I've been too upset to eat and have lost a good five pounds. Always a silver lining, right?


Lena said...

That Sucks! Sory to hear about waht a headache all of this is. It is bad enough that all that stuff got stolen and now you have to deal with this. Good Luck with it all. Hopefully it will be resolved sooner rather than later!

Jessica said...

OH lord! I was just wondering about all your insurance stuff last week and foolishly thinking it was all taken care of by now. I'm so sorry you are getting the run around! I hope you finally find someone competent to help you out!

Lena said...

Any new news?