Friday, November 14, 2008

The Great Muppet Conspiracy

A while back I was talking with my mom about my crazy cousin. Among various other examples, I was telling my mom that she didn't let her children watch television, not even Sesame Street. Now don't get me wrong, in my opinion, not letting your kids watch TV doesn't make you crazy, that was just one of many, many examples. My cousin told me that she thought Sesame Street was trying to brain wash her children. "What is the Cookie Monster about anyway?", she asked me. I asked her what she was talking about, and she said she didn't like the way Cookie Monster behaved. Like he was teaching her children how to be hyper and use bad table manners. Hmmn. I cocked one eyebrow, looked at her and said I never really put too much thought into it, I just thought kids thought he was funny. Then she lowered her eyes, mumbled something, and dropped the subject. So the other day I get this video e-mail from my mom with the comment, "Now I know why **** doesn't let her kids watch Sesame Street."

Now is it just me, or does The Count look like Jamie Farr (Klinger) from M*A*S*H to anyone else?


Jessica said...

That was bleepin' hilarious! :) I'll never look at the Count the same way. ;)

Too funny about the cookie monster. I kind of like him. Elmo I could do without...

OverCoffee said...

I guess I will have to pay a little more attention to what my kids watch. ;-)
That was too funny!