Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Annamaria's 4th Birthday Bash

So it happened about three weeks ago, but here is a recap of Annamaria's birthday party.

Grandma DeeDee sent Annamaria the cutest party dress and new beaded sweater for her birthday. So she had the perfect outfit for her party.

After much debate whether we should order a bounce house for her party, we decided to go ahead and go for it. The weather was really our only concern, but figured that we never got the storms that were for casted anyway, so why not. Obviously we went with the pretty pink princess theme, and even Harrison enjoyed it.

Since this is the first official birthday party, (that actually included other children) we've ever thrown for one of our kids, ( I know, we're terrible parents), I was pretty concerned about "goodie" bags. I really didn't want to hand out bags of Made in China crap, even though Sophia tried hard to convince me that is really what kids want from a birthday party goodie bag. I decided to make Cupcake Pops instead, and glad I did. They were cute, yummy, and even the adults could enjoy them. I will be making them again soon, who needs a special occasion?
Annamaria got what she really wanted for her birthday, "a pretty pink castle with a door that opens and closes, with a princess and a prince". Compliments of three of Vince's bosses/co-workers who went in on it together. I still need to get those Thank You cards out. I am a Thank You card bum.
Since I'm still in the middle of my cake decorating classes, I decided to go with cupcakes. But the frosting I made was an Italian Meringue Buttercream. It was Italian Meringue Buttercream from hell, but it all turned out alright in the end. I wish I had my new camera then, they turned out really cute. And of course pink.
Then that storm that we thought wouldn't hit us did, and the roof of the bounce house actually started caving in for all the water trapped up there. The kids didn't mind, and even went on jumping until soaked. Then the thunder started. You can see poor little Francesca clinging to the side netting calling for someone to rescue her.
You can also see how soaked Annamaria was when it was time for her to blow out her candles. She was quickly changed into another, dryer dress for the rest of her party.
But the lure of the bounce house was too great and she braved the nasty weather again, and ended up soaked again. But it was her party, she was having such a good time, I wasn't going to rain on her parade. Get it, "rain"? So again, another soaked birthday girl photo.
Despite the nasty weather, we ended up with ninteen adults and I think twenty kids. I swear, I lost count. But a good time was had by all, and I would definetly do it again. Which is a good thing, since there are now three other children in this family who now know what they've been missing birthday party wise.


Jessica said...

Looks like it was an awesome party! How is Annamaria four already???

And do you know the brand of that castle? It looks pretty cool (even if it's over-girlie). I'm a total sucker for wooden toys. :)

Dawn said...

The castle is by Melissa and Doug, I found it on Amazon here . . .

She also got the set of people and horses. If you like wooden toys, try www.madeinusaforever.com. One of Vince's favorite sites.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

What a great party and recap! I love the goodie bag idea too! You could totally sell those! It looks like everyone had fun.