Monday, June 01, 2009

Stomach Ache Inducing

I have a stomach ache. This stomach ache has nothing to due with too much coffee, bad eating habits, or even pregnancy. This stomach ache has everything to do with a headline I read online this morning regarding GM filing for bankruptcy protection. The same GM that received $50 billion in bailout money. It they were bailed out why are they filing for bankruptcy, in my naive mind, I thought that was what the bailout money was to avoid. Where did the money go? Is there any accountability? I read a blog post that stated my opinion perfectly, "GM should have had to do from the start what every struggling company is forced to do– file for bankruptcy on their own, its called the free market– but we were told that disaster lurked if this were to happen and that the government needed to give them a bailout. The government gave them billions of our money and they still have to file for bankruptcy, this could have been done months ago at no expense to the taxpayer and with no government interference." I'm disgusted.

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Jessica said...

Amen sister!!!