Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Del Mar Races

My mom went to the race track on Sunday with some friends. I was hoping she'd have a good time and win lots of money. I just got this e-mail from her today. She cracks me up!

"Well your mother is no genius when it comes to betting on the horses. I'll be the first to admit.

But when in the 6th race, number 6 was named Cabo's Dawn - I figured it was a sign.
You were born on the 6th and the horse had your name. What else, the jockey was wearing hunter green with white diamonds - Vince's favorite color is green and you like diamonds. The owner of this horse's last name was Galleger, my favorite restaurant in Vegas - sure the stars and moon had aligned - this was surely a sign from God.

The horse came in last - fuckin horse."

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Lena said...

That is great. I was not expecting that ending. It made me laugh out loud.