Friday, August 18, 2006

Pissed Off!

O-kay, I wasn't going to say anything until is was a done deal, because I didn't want to jinx us, but we seem to be jinxed anyway, so here it goes. A couple of weeks ago we got a couple of offers on the house. One was total crap, we countered, and they walked away. The other was o-kay, except that they wanted more money back at close of escrow than we wanted to give. But apparently these people have no cash down and are financing 100%, we countered, they came back with basically the same offer, and we decided to take it afterall. After weighing the pros and the cons, we decided the market here is really getting soft, and we'd like to get on with our lives and what's $15K in the long run. So we accepted the offer and thought things were moving along. We called the septic guys to get the system inspected, we called the termite guys to get all that started, etc, etc. Then we get a call from our agent, who is our friend Dave, who tells us that the buyers have not dropped off their deposit check to the escrow company yet, have not scheduled a home inspection yet, and have come up with some cockamamey concern that their over-active five year-old is going to play on the propane tank and blow it up. What?! First of all, who lets their five year-old (over-active or not) play on a propane tank, which is in the front yard, next to the road, unattented, anyway? After talking to the buyers agent, Dave finds out that these people have been putting their agent through quite a trying time and he said if they don't go through with this deal, he's dropping them as clients. And I'm sitting here thinking that we took an offer we really weren't happy with, gave them the microwave and washer and dryer they asked for, gave them a short escrow (45 days, they wanted us out by August), even though I'll be moving with a 10 day old newborn, in addition to everything else and these people cannot even have the consideration to get off the pot or piss. Either sign the freaking release form letting us out of the contract with them, or get moving and get the things done that they need to get done to move forward in this whole debacle. Apparently they have 17 days to make up their minds. So once again I'm back to living in limbo, and frankly I'm really sick of it.

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Anonymous said...

That stinks! When are you due? Did you already have your baby? Hang in there.