Friday, May 04, 2007

Blog Slacker

So it's a quarter past midnight, and I should really be getting to bed, but I'm feeling bad about not posting anything lately. I get such enjoyment from checking the blogs I read on a daily basis, I figured I should contribute too. So a quick update on what has been going on around here lately, and I promise to expand more later.

We celebrated Annamaria's 2nd birthday yesterday. Just the family, but are having friends over on Sunday for a second little celebration in her honor.

Francesca is rolling over, and rolling all over, sitting up, cut her bottom front teeth a couple of weeks ago, and cut her top front teeth just today.

Sophia had her first reconciliation yesterday (after her sister's birthday dinner) in preparation for her 1st Holy Communion next Saturday. We will also be celebrating with friends after the mass. She is sooooo excited.

Harrison is still a major pain in the butt. I don't know if it's just a boy thing, he's autistic, has ADHD or what. But he's been potty trained now since January, and that's including overnight without protection. So he can't be all bad.

Vince is still looking for employment, but is now working with a career consulting firm called SASI. I don't know if it's a complete waste of time or not yet, but at least it's giving him something to do in the meantime.

I joined Weight Watchers On-line last week in desperation to loose some of this extra Texas-ness of my butt. Lost a whole one pound in my first week. Not real inspiring since my weight can fluxuate by about 4 pounds on a daily basis anyway, but I'm sticking with it. For now at least. We'll see how it goes. One day at a time right?

And it's so humid here I feel like I'm living under water. And that of course is causing my and Sophia's hair to look like we've been scared really badly. But maybe it was the numbers coming up on my bathroom scale that is making my hair look this way. And Sophia? Maybe it's because she's knows she's my mini-me and is fearing for the future of her cute little figure.

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Lena said...

Hope you were able to sleep in... Thanks for the update; I really enjoy reading your blog. Can't wait for the birthday pictures. I wish we lived closer so our children could cause trouble together. Good luck with the diet.