Friday, June 22, 2007

Movies To Avoid

Unless you like being depressed.
Now this is your warning, I'm going to totally blow any suprise, twist, "didn't see that coming", or whatever talking about these movies. So if you haven't yet seen The Dead Girl or Bridge to Terabithia and plan on seeing them, consider yourself warned. Don't come complaining to me that I ruined the movie for you, I'm just saying.

The Dead Girl. Now I didn't expect some lighthearted whimsical cute romantic comedy from a title like The Dead Girl, but this movie was just depressing. Yes, it was interesting, and yes, it was well acted. But it was so depressing. It was just too real. I kept thinking that things like this happen in real life. There really are people out there that are that pathetic, stupid, messed up. And I'm not talking about one character, but several characters in this movie. And I got angry and fustrated that this stupid woman, who was the wife of the murderer. She went and burned all the evidence! Completely destroyed any evidence from the victims that she found her husband was hiding. And maybe, just maybe, if she had this wonderful marriage and he was sweet and good to her, maybe I could see her trying to protect him. Maybe. But he was a complete ass, and she was a total nag, and they so were not happy. What exactly was she doing? Saving her miserable life? Ugh. She just made herself an accomplice. And what about the families of the victims that would never get closure? Did she even stop to think about them? Probably not. The only good part about the movie was that the daughter of the dead girl was saved by the mother of the deal girl. Then it made me sad to think that there are children out there that are totally lost in the system. Taken very poor care of by their "foster" homes. Neglected, malnourished, etc. It was just too sad. And very depressing.

The Bridge to Terabithia. So the next day, Vince and I sat down to watch this movie he rented for the kids. We thought something more fun and lighthearted would be nice. I never read the book, and only slightly knew what the story was about. I read the back of the DVD case and thought all was good. It has a little boy who befriends a cute little girl who is new to town. And she's so cute, and spunky, and a nice person. And I'm really liking this movie, and thinking it was a good choice for the kids. So the movie is well on its way, we're about 2/3rds through it, and it was cute and enjoyable. . . then . . . the little girl dies. She dies! She drowned trying to cross the creek to get to "Terebithia"! Why didn't I see this coming? There were clues, how could I be so dim? Vince looks at me and says he now has a knot in his stomach. I'm crying. Sophia is crying. And I don't care that the movie ended with the little boy being nice to his little sister, and letting her in on his secret place. Because, well, the little girl dies! And little girls do die. It happens all the time. It's been raining here just about every night, and there have been floods. And just the day before I heard that the floods washed out this trailer house, and the mother was fine but they found the body of her five year-olddaughter, but her two year-old daughter was still missing. Then the news woman went on to report that another trailer house was washed out and a woman had her two year-old daughter swept right out of her arms. I can't even imagine. And this is why I usually don't watch the news. Or watch depressing movies.

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Jessica said...

We read "The Bridge to Terabithia" (sp?) when I was in the 4th grade. The only part I DO remember was the little girl dying--it was very traumatic. So when I saw the adds for the movie with all the fantasy stuff I was thinking "Is that the same story?" Funny about memories...

Wish I could recommend a light hearted movie for you, but I can't think of any I've seen recently. We did just watch "The Queen" and it was good/interesting, but not uplifting.