Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Sound of Silence

What is this I'm hearing? Could it be, nothing? Not a sound. Not a peep. Not a cry, whine, or any other normal background noise. It is silence. And it is wonderful!
Vince took Sophia and Harrison to a store he is in search of. And the good news is that the store is somewhere between here and Ft. Worth. So they'll be gone for a while.
Annamaria is down for a nap. And so is Francesca. So that just leaves me. Me and no noise. No radio, no television, no DVD's, no noisy toys. No one asking for juice. Or whining for something, but I'm not knowing what because they are not using their words. No one leaving their dishes on the table. No one leaving their drinks with ice melting sitting in the family room.
Ahhh, the quiet.
Should I go read? Take a nap? Fold some laundry? Tidy up a bit? The possibilities are just about endless.
I made a batch of Coconut Rum Ice Cream earlier. Maybe it's cold enough to add to the ice cream maker now. But that would make noise, so maybe I'll wait. I could always pop in a Harry Potter movie. And actually get to watch it undisturbed. Lie on the couch, with the volume down low. Sounds like just the thing. I think I'll do that. After I sit here and enjoy a few more moments of silence.


Lena said...

Silence is Golden!

Jessica said...

First off, I must have the recipe for coconut rum ice cream!!!! YUM! You know I love the rum...and coconut...and ice cream... ;)

Next, congratulations on your quiet time alone. I know how great that can be and I'm only dealing with half the kids! Hope you had fun.