Thursday, May 08, 2008

She's Three!

Because of my crappiness as a mom, it is now six days past Annamaria's birthday, and I'm just now getting around to her birthday post. At least it's not as bad as the fact that I also haven't gotten around to getting Francesca's pictures taken in her baptism dress, and she was baptized in November. Of 2006. Um, yea. Hope the dress still fits.

Anyway, this is also going to have to be a quick post, I'm thinking mostly photos, because we have a showing at 12:30, so I have to get this placed cleaned up and get out butts out of here in about an hour. So here goes.

The day before her birthday we were in Costco, and they had these cute little dresses, so I picked one up for her, thinking it could be her birthday dress. Well, she insisted Francesca get one too. O-kay fine, we're running low on nice/church clothes around here anyway. Then when getting dressed birthday morning, I dressed Annamaria, then she picked up the other dress, brought it to Francesca and handed it to her and said, "Happy Birthday Francesca". We call them the twins, but we're only joking. Maybe she doesn't realize that.

Annamaria's birthday started with Mass because our friend's daughter was taking her First Holy Communion, and what a better way to start the day. We then went to said friends house to celebrate with them and hang out with a very nice crowd. Annamaria thought all those people were gathered together to celebrate her birthday and had a great time. The only difficult part was when it was gift time, and we have to explain to her that she had gift waiting for her at home. She was very good about it, and everyone had a great time.

Once home we got out the Pretty Flower Strawberry Cupcakes. Annamaria wanted a strawberry flavored "pretty flower cake", but since we all know how much I'm lacking in the cake making department, she agreed to cupcakes. Yellow cake with strawberry buttercream. For the buttercream I just made regular vanilla, then tossed in some strawberries while the mixing was whipping, and vio-laa, strawberry buttercream. It turned out very good, kind of tasted like strawberry ice cream.
Then is was time for gifts. She loved her Tinkerbell "bla-bloons" that she requested. Big, big hit.
She got a bubble machine from her siblings. Something everyone could enjoy.
Princess tippy cups from Mommy. And a Leapster writing pad from Daddy. He's the big spender. For some reason I don't have a picture of that. Sorry Daddy.

Grandma DeeDee sent her the cutest pink flowered fu-fu outfit, that Annamaria insisted on sleeping in that night. And a sparkly black flapper style dress.
The Angle and the Devil outfits. Annamaria thought the black dress was a shirt for me, so I had to tell her that my spaghetti strapped sparkly top days are over.

Granny M sent her a savings bonds, thank you for thinking of her future, and the cutest counted cross stitch of a Precious Moments kid all dressed up like Annamaria likes to do.

Looks just like her.

Look at those faces, obviously everyone had a great time.


Lena said...

Happy Birthday! Love the cupcakes! Very cute pictures. It looks like she enjoyed her birthday.

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING the flapper top. Soooo cute. And the cupcakes are over the top. Love them, too.... you need to start catering again when you move into your beautiful new kitchen! You'll be rich for sure!!!! :-)

CCT said...

Mmm. Those cupcakes are making my mouth water. So tell me, do you make house calls? Are you free in about 6 weeks? I could seriously use your talent after this baby is born -- or anytime for that matter ;) Man I wish I had the patience to make culinary masterpieces like you do!

Dawn said...

Wow, thanks for the compliments. The flower decorations are actually marshmallows, cut with scissors into five slices, then dipped into sprinkles. The center of the flowers are just mini-marshmallows. Couldn't be easier.