Tuesday, April 29, 2008

As Promised, New House Photos

Please excuse all the construction crap in the pics . . .

Brick and stone work done. We will eventually have landscaping. Eventually.

Part of the kitchen cabinets after stained, but before the walls were painted. Also before the countertops were put in.

Kitchen island with dusty, dusty granite.

Master bath cabinetry. Again, post staining, pre-painting.

Formal dining with molding up. See slight different between the color on the walls and the white paint on the moulding? Yea, me neither.


Jessica said...

GORGEOUS! I LOVE your cabinets!!! Apparently your compromises created a beautiful result. ;) You must be so excited!

Lena said...

Very Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is beyond stunning. I wish you all luck, happiness, and health in your new home. You each deserve. And did I mention this home is stunning :-)?

CCT said...

the cabinets look awesome - i *really* dig the stain you chose! ... i hope you're starting to feel more like yourself. i had those out-of-body rage experiences as a teen myself and can definitely relate. hang in there ;)