Monday, September 08, 2008

The First Day of the Last Year of My Thirties

Ouch! That's a hard one to swallow.

Saturday was a day pretty much like any other. Vince was still working on the floors. I had errands to run, groceries to stock up on for the next couple of weeks. I was planning on starting the kids school year on Monday, and knew that my week would be hectic enough without any extra things to get done. But my husband took a break from his hard and sweaty work to give me a few hours of "me" time. Those few hours gave me time to go pick out my birthday presents . . .

I'm pleased to introduce the newest members of our family, Luna and Sirius (Sirius Black, he's the black one, obviously).

Luna is a sweet gentle little girl, and Sirius is a frisky little guy who is always ready for a rumble. The kids just love them, and the kitties will curl up and fall asleep while the kids are holding them, so I think the affection is mutual.

And also for my birthday, my husband is tolerating all of this very well, this having animals in the house business. The best gift he could have given me. Thank you.


Lena said...

I love the title of your post!
Great names for the kitty-cats too.

CCT said...

sweet harry potter names!