Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Is Wrong With Cooper?

Last night Vince filled his food bowl, but Cooper wouldn't come to eat. I thought maybe he was depressed since I ran to the grocery store instead of taking him for his nightly walk. He looked a little hunched and his tail was tucked between his legs. He wouldn't even come up to the back porch. I thought maybe I hurt his poor little puppy feelings. So I went back inside and brought him two dog treats to try to cheer him up. He had no interest at all.

Was he sad? Maybe Francesca piling dirt on top of him earlier in the day while he snoozed in the yard made him feel bad about himself. Maybe he should have a bath. Still, he wouldn't come and say hello.

Was he anxious about the impending storm that was scheduled to hit early the next morning? Animals sense things better than us humans. Maybe it was the weather.

Was he concerned about the upcoming presidential election? Our country is in some serious trouble. Immigration. The economy. Fuel issues. The war. Are either candidate what our country needs to address these problems and truly be proactive? He's a sensitive soul, my Cooper, perhaps these things are really weighing him down.

Then Vince noticed a snake on our back porch. Not just any snake, but a copperhead. So it turns out the only thing wrong with Cooper is that he can't talk, and say, "Hey, watch out stupid. There's a snake on the porch."


Jessica said...

Holy CRAP! Glad Vince found the problem--and that it didn't involve anyone having to go to the emergency room.

Lena said...

Holy Cow! Glad you figured it out. Is Cooper better now? The only thing that I was grateful for with our encounter with the rattlesnake is that we heard in time to move away. How did the storm affect you?

CCT said...

Yikes! For a second I thought you were going to say cooper had been bitten by the snake - thank goodness he hadn't!