Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dee Dee Treats! Dee Dee Treats!

Yesterday a package arrived for the kids. My mom sent little gift packs for each child from the Popcorn Factory. I put the package away until after dinner, smart me, but once everyone was done eating I asked the very stupid question, "Does anyone want their gift from Grandma Dee Dee?" Much shouting and squealing ensued, "Dee Dee Treats! Dee Dee Treats!" We just let them go at them, candy pumpkins, chocolate-caramel corn, carmel filled chocolates, etc. And to protect their clothing while eating all the sticky gooey treats were their Halloween aprons that Grandma Dee Dee sent last week. Too cute.

I'll have to get better pictures of the aprons, since some naughty children took theirs off.

And where have I been lately? Certainly not keeping up on my housekeeping. And also certainly not lying about eating bon bons. I've been at work at my thirty-five year old sewing machine for the past few weeks trying to get the kids Halloween costumes done in time. And while I'm partly complaining that my sewing machine is thirty-five years old, it obviously must be a good quality one since it is that old, and I can still turn out wearable items. Really, the problem isn't the machine, the problem is me. I only sew once a year, at Halloween. I'm not a good enough seamstress to make much of anything other than costumes, because I figure they're just costumes, they don't have to be perfect. But after over a month of sewing I'm now having illusions of grandeur, thinking maybe, just maybe, I could make the girls Christmas dresses. They could be all cute and matchy-matchy. Besides, everything in Sophia's size looks like it's for a twenty-one year old, not a ten year old. And while my old sewing machine would get the job done, I was given a demo on a new Husquevarna at the fabric store. Nice. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have official Halloween photos tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak of The Wicked Witch (please excuse her not being green).

She's looking wicked, isn't she?

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OverCoffee said...

OMG Dawn! That costume is so cute! You really are the Domestic Goddess.