Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have eagerly been waiting for this day for a couple of months now. Since some time in November I've had this date marked on my calendar, and I've been telling myself this day could not come sooner. It seems my life has been on hold, and now it's here, and I can now get on with my life and enjoy the many benefits from today. Why is today so special to me? Not the reasons you think, I'm sure. Today, on this wonderful wonderful day, the kitties are getting fixed! I'm so excited.

Just after Thanksgiving, Luna the female kitty, began making that horrible yowling noise. Anyone who has ever had kitties, knows what that horrible yowling noise means, and how annoying it is to put up with. I thought, "surely no, she's barely four months old," but when I saw her brother, HER BROTHER (disgusting little animals), try to mount her my suspicions were confirmed. She was promptly scooped up, and cloistered to the office. And that is where she has remained for the better part of two months now. I felt bad, but a litter of inborn kittens would have made me feel worse. And she did have visitors, it's not like she's been without contact the entire time.

This day might have come sooner, but no one would spay/neuter the kitties before they were six months old. Seems strange to me, if we're all trying to help fix the pet overpopulation problem, then why not take care of the situation when it occurs? I've adopted pets much younger than six months, and the animal shelter would not adopt them out until they were fixed, despite the age. So I'm not convinced this whole six months age requirement thing is necessary. But whatever. We've survived it, the kitties are coming home this afternoon, my office can return to an office, and hopefully life can return to normal. Or as normal as it ever is.

Now I know that my husband is bugged that we even have to do this, and the cost of it all, but I found a low cost spay neuter clinic, Texas Coalition for Animal Protection,
that travels from animal shelter to animal shelter. So for what the local vet charges ($119 per animal), I got all three kitties done for $1 more. It's like a buy one, get two free. And after seeing our local animal shelter I've decided that if we ever hit the lotto, I'll be making a major donation. Sadly it's barely a trailer with some kennels on the side. Oh the many many things I'd like to do with lotto winnings.

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