Saturday, December 03, 2005

More Catering Complaints

O-kay, so my last minute headcount of 60 got bumped up even more last minute to 80 the morning before the event. I get a phone call the morning before at 8am with the news. I was so bent. The organizer of the Christmas Social was asking me, "What should I do, what should I do? Should I go to Costco and get some trays to fill in?" And I kept thinking, "Great, so people think I can't handle a party of 80 and have to be supplemented by Costco." I don't think so. So I told her I would make it "happen". Don't worry about it, there will be enough food for everyone. So she told me, "Oh, you're my hero, and of course we'll pay you for the extra people." Darn right you will! I'll be billing for 80 people, don't think otherwise. So after 36 hours of hell, I can now confidently announce that the party was a success. And there was plenty of food. So much food in fact that we're going to my mom's house tonight, she's invited my grandma and a friend of ours over, and we'll be eating the spoils of war (that's what I call catering left overs), and drinking apple martini's. Both Sour Apple martinis and Golden Delicious Apple martinis. Take your pick. And the good news is I cleared just under $1,000. Food costs = $225, my time and aggravation = priceless.

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