Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Very Merry Christmas

We changed our schedule a bit this Christmas. We planned on attending the Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve, but the kids were in such a hyperactive state, Vince and I decided to skip it and attend Mass on Christmas morning instead. Something I've never done. Christmas morning was always about gifts and food. But Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, it only seemed to make sense to go Christmas morning. Besides, the Vigil Masses are packed, and there is no nursery, so the kids (meaning Harrison), would be impossible to control during the entire service. So Sunday morning we got the kids up, dressing in their Christmas finest and went to mass. And I must say, it was very pleasant. It wasn't crowded at all, and it was just he right way to start the special day. We got home, had a quick breakfast of lox and bagels (yummy!), changed back into our pajamas, and resumed with our Christmas festivities. Our tree was loaded with gifts. Really, it was quite disgusting. There are actually more presents behind the tree that you can't see in this photo.

Sophia wanted to just rip through the gifts, we had to slow her down. Harrison would play a bit with whatever he opened, then move on. I remember when Sophia used to be like that. Annamaria slept through most of the activity, woke up to eat and scooch around, open gift with some help, then went back to sleep.

Later in the day, my mom and grandma came over. Then later my great uncle Joe and his friend Ruth joined us. My big suprise for my grandma and uncle Joe was Torrone. I can proudly say I made it myself. And it only took two batches to get it right. Now for those of you who don't know what Torrone is, think Italian divinity. It is a honey nougat with almonds and pistachios. And my uncle Joe said it tasted just like he remembered from way back when. I could have popped. Really, what do you get people who have everything? And if they don't they have more money than God to buy it for themselves? The older I get, the more people I have in my life that fit into this category.

I made an herb-roasted prime rib, parisian potatoes and baby asparagus for dinner. My mom prepared sfinga ( I know I'm not spelling that right) for dessert. Again, think Italian beignets. Harrison couldn't get enough.

I think Sophia's favorite gift was a Leapster L-Max, which Harrison would like to have too. Here is a picture of Sophia playing with her Leapster while Harrison watches. Funny how they're either getting along famously, or at each other's throats. Actually it's not really funny, it's more annoying than anything.

I was very spoiled this year. Among other things I got a new Cuisinart Food Processor. Now, I already have one, my mom bought it for me over 15 years ago. But just a little bit ago I broke part of the lid. I've been using it anyway, I just thought I'd get a replacement lid, but Vince bought me a new large capacity one. It's a thing of beauty. And major suprise was a Scooba. What's a Scooba you say? That's what I said anyway. O-kay, you know the Roomba? The little robotic floor vaccuum? I either wanted one of those or a Dyson, but in his research, Vince came across the Scooba. It's made my the same people who make the Roomba, but it is a hard floor cleaner. And I HATE cleaning the kitchen and wood floors, so this seemed more "gift like" to him, and I have to agree. The only bummer is that it's not here yet. It's being shipped by the producers. But in it's place I got a little Chinese take-out with a fortune cookie in it, and the fortune said, "A cleaner floor is the path to a clearer mind. Stop mopping. Scooba is coming." What the heck? He had to explain, but once he did, wow! How clever. But it doesn't stop there. A couple years ago, when asked what I wanted for Christmas I replied diamond earrings. So on Christmas morning, I open a jewelry box and find a diamond cross. It was beautiful, but not what I asked for. Now being the brat that I am, and not being one who likes suprises, I looked at my expectant husband and said, "but I wanted earrings". Now the good news is that he's still married to me. He was so proud of himself, he picked it out himself, and it really is the most beautiful cross I've ever seen, but it wasn't what I was expecting, and I popped his bubble. The bad news is that he told me he'd never buy me another piece of jewelry again. I think I deserved that. So last year, I received another jewelry box, but upon opening it, I found it to be empty. After thinking he was just cruel, Vince then told me that we would go down to our jewelers and I could pick out a pair of earrings myself. Well, that never happened. So this year I wasn't expecting anything jewelry related. Really, after the way I behaved about the cross, that I now wear all the time, I couldn't blame him. So I was very suprised to receive a jewelry box, and in them were a pair of diamond earrings. Just as colorless and perfect as could be. Did I mention that I'm spoiled?

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas too.


Jessica said...

Yeah, you are spoiled! :) I loved reading about your Christmas--it sounds fabulous. Love all the photos too. Did I tell you how adorable your Christmas card photo was? Be sure to tell Vince "You're a good man Charlie Brown". ;)

Lena said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I really love the pictures especially the one of AnnaMaria on the floor. You are going to have your hands full with those 2 girls. Enjoy your earings.