Monday, November 06, 2006

American by Birth, Texan by Choice

I know moving to Texas does not make me a Texan, but we're in escrow again. And this time it looks like this one will be going through. Third time is a charm right?

So we have to be out of our house by 5:30 pm on Friday, November 17th. Vince is in Texas as I write this. He took another load of our stuff to our storage facility there, is meeting with a real estate agent tomorrow to find a rental house, and is suposed to be looking for a head hunter/placement agency to meet with on Wednesday.

My plan was to get one room packed each day, so when he got back we would be able to load our remaining belongings and not be frantic our last week here. Of course being home alone with four kids is a bit much and I'm not getting near as much done as I'd like. Things would be going more smoothly if Annamaria wouldn't freak out and start crying when she sees me packing up her toys. The child cannot be reasoned with, she just doesn't understand. And she may be small, but man, don't mess with her. I have to wait until she goes to sleep, pack her things and get the box taped shut before she can try to pull everything out again.

And since we have less than two weeks left in the house, I've been cooking every night, trying to use up all the food in the fridge/freezer. I'm not big on cooking when Vince is out of town. My kids are not picky eaters by any means, but they're still kids and are less than satisfying to cook for. I end up eating the majority of everything. Something I really do not need to be doing. Still, there is no way I can eat all this food in the time we have left. Non-perishables, no problem. But what am I going to do with that six pound pork roast in the freezer? I think my mom is going to find her already full freezer even more full.

Also I'm still home schooling Sophia, and her schedule got jacked up last week, so we were playing catch-up today. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so bad. We'll finish her week as scheduled, then she'll get an extra long Thanksgiving break until things calm down. One of the perks of home schooling. She's looking forward to it anyway.

We haven't decided if we're sticking around for Thanksgiving or not. We'll either stay with my mom and have Thanksgiving with her at her friends house, or head down to Texas and have Thanksgiving with our friends, the Jensens, who invited us. It really all depends on how the house/job search goes.

I'm getting pretty good at this "playing it by ear". Being the control freak that I am, I'm really impressing myself here with my newly acquired ability to go with the flow. And I know I should be happy, happy, happy that the house has finally sold, but of course now I'm just sad that we're really leaving. But like I tell Sophia, think of it as an adventure, and if we find out we don't like it there, we don't have to stay.


Jessica said...

Oh man, where in TX are you going? I LOVED Texas. But that was Austin--different from most of the state. Can't wait to hear more details. Best of luck with the house and job hunt. And congrats on REALLY selling the house this time. :)

Anonymous said...

Where at in Texas are you moving to? My brother lives in Austin and Chris and I are always talking about ending up there. When I was younger I lived in a town called Longview for awhile just North of Dallas. Good luck on everything and keep us updated.