Monday, July 30, 2007

At Last At Last, A Job At Last!

One year and seven months is a long time to not have a job. I'm happy to report the unemployment streak is over. Today is the first day of Vince's new job. He got an analytical position at a small pharmaceutial company in Fort Worth. Not really his specialty, but you know what? Who cares, it's a job. And the best part is that they waived the ninety day waiting period so our benefits start immediately. Dentist appointments for everyone!

So now it's just me and the four kids. Four kids and me, all day long. Just me to change diapers, fix breakfast and lunch, put the young ones down for nap time and keep the older ones quiet. Me and four kids running errands, going grocery shopping, keeping busy. I'm sure this will help me appreciate all that Vince did while he was home. But, I've got to go now, I've called a "family meeting" with the kids to try and break them in on how things are going to change around here. Hopefully some of it will sink in.

A job! It's about freaking time!


Lena said...

YAA! Tell Vince we said congrats! I am sure it is a big relief for all of you. Good luck by yourself with the kiddos. After spending 10 days 24/7 with mine I am ready to go back to work. You are amazing! Are you still going to home school Sophia?

Jessica said...

YEAH!!!! Congrats to you all! And even if it isn't his specialty, analytical chemistry is the best type of chemistry anyway. :)