Friday, January 18, 2008

Problems Already?

First, some facts:
Our builders = Salt Creek Custom Homes
Salt Creek Custom Homes = Chris and Jim (Or maybe it's Tim. I know, that's terrible, but I'm terrible with names, and I just can't seem to get it straight).
Our development = Deer Creek Estates
Deer Creek Estates = 1 acre minimum lots, in a gated community, in Azle Texas
Deer Creek Estates Real Estate Rep = That Trouble Making Woman (TTMW) or otherwise called "that Bee-auch"
Azle Texas = 16 miles NW of Fort Worth

Now, for my story:
Last Saturday, us and Chris, met at the title company to sign all the paperwork, contracts, and turn over our earnest money. All the "t's" were crossed, and all the "i's" were dotted, and we were all very excited. After signing our life away, we even drove over to "our lot" and let the kids run around and have a good old time collecting bits of dried up flowers, twigs, and hide behind trees. They had a blast. They returned to the car all pink cheeked and happy. But a day or two ago Vince got a call from Chris to let us know of a "potential problem". The week before everything was signed, Chris called, and had to leave a message for, TTMW to let her know that we were interested in building on Lot 49. Chris told her everything would be signed the following weekend, and would she please put that lot on hold. Then this week when Chris contacted TTMW to get the property purchased for us, the Bee-auch informed her that she already wrote a contract on that lot just that week. Our lot was sold right out from under us. Yea, I'd call that a potential problem alright. Now Chris thinks that this agent is just messing with her, apparently they have a "history", and this agent is less than pleasant to deal with. So either TTMW is messing with Chris, and therefore also us, or she worked her hardest to make sure she sold the lot Chris asked her to hold. Just to spite her, Chris believes. So Chris contacted the property owner, who is in California for the week, and explained to him the situation. There was another lot Vince was considering, but it was $4K more, so he and our builders decided on the one we just lost, maybe. I say "maybe" because the owner will be back in Texas at the end of this week, and I guess he'll get things straightened out and we'll have more info by Sunday. But the one thing that was resolved was that if Lot 49 is gone, Salt Creek and the Deer Creek Estates owner agrees to each eat $2K, and we could have the other lot for the same price. While I should be grateful, it just doesn't seem like Salt Creek should have to eat anything. I like them, and it doesn't sound to me like they did anything wrong. Now the other lot is 1.48 acres, compared to Lot 49's 1.00 acre. And I know it's not the end of the world, there are plenty of other lots to be had. There are even plenty of other developments to be had. But I liked Lot 49. It was bluntly pie shaped, and had lots of pretty trees, and would have had a great view from upstairs. I talked myself in to it, and let myself get excited. So is this going to be the first of many glitches? I mean, ground hasn't even been broken yet. Or is this just one of those things? And while I'm still of the opinion that trying to sell a house is much more stressful and emotionally straining, and I thank God daily that we sold our house, and we're not trying to sell something in this market (honestly we really did get out just in time), it's turning out that trying to buy/build a house is no walk in the park either. Where's the joy? *Sigh*


Lena said...

I don't understand how, if you have already signed the papers, that the property cannot be yours? Hopefully the owner will be able to straighten it all out. If you end up having to get the other property just think; you are already $4000 ahead. ;-)

Lena said...

Did you find out anything more on the property?