Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome Home

Today Vince had the honor of doing something I've been wanting to do for a while. As a group, the veterans from his work went over to the DFW Airport, and got to welcome home our service men and women from Iraq. I'm not talking about supporting the war, the politicians, the Iraqi people, etc., etc. I'm talking about supporting the men and women who leave their homes, their families, and the safety of their country. They put their personal beliefs and safety aside, put their lives on the line, and do the job they signed on to do. Their sacrifice is great, and they deserve our respect and our gratitude. No matter how you feel about this war, for or against, I can't think of a better way to spend an hour or two. I read about this somewhere, that DFW is one of the most heavily visited airports for doing this.

Today 121 soldiers, sailors, and one marine came home to the DFW area. I asked if they looked happy to be greeted, and Vince said they did. Happy, surprised, even embarrassed. Being the big baby that I am, I couldn't even listen to him tell me about it without tearing up. Vince said he kept it together, but really had a hard time when he saw one soldier meet his baby daughter for the first time. A little blond, round cheeked three month old. The thing that bothered Vince was that he noticed this new father had a small knapsack, which meant he would be returning to the middle East after only two weeks R&R. I would have been bawling. Vince said the families line up first, the veterans form a line up against the wall and get to shake the hand of each service man/woman who comes off the plane. Then groups of children and everyone else get to greet them. Vince also said there were the "Greeting Grannies", in their hand knitted patriotic sweaters, who give each one a hug, and are there everyday we have service people coming home.

Then Vince told me after everyone debarked, his group went to Gate 14. Gate 14 is where our servicemen are waiting for flights to go back. I asked him how they seemed, and he said they seemed anxious, almost eager. Like they couldn't wait to get back. They have a sense of duty, and have brothers waiting for their return, they have a job to do. He said he knew how they felt.

Welcome Home and Thank You!

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Jessica said...

That is wonderful. I'm with you though, I would have been bawling all over the place. I can totally see Vince there, getting all into it. :) I'm glad he got the opportunity. ButI hope those opportunities STOP soon.