Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dude, Where's My Mail?

It's not my incoming mail that's missing. It's my outgoing mail. This morning as I was leaving to take Sophia to school, I put an envelope in our mail box for our mail carrier to pick up. See how I used the term "mail carrier", and not "mail man"? I'm so politically correct. Anyway, in the envelope was a check to pay for an order I made through e-bay. Normally I would pay by PayPal, but for some reason unknown to me, this particular vendor does not accept PayPal. Irritating to say the least. Anyway, while backing out of our driveway to deliver lunch later in the morning, I notice our mailbox door is open, the flag is still up, but the mailbox is empty. Someone stole my mail. And no, I didn't just park it somewhere else this time, it was actually gone. So I called the bank to stop payment on the check and explained that it was stolen out of my mailbox. At the end of our conversation I was read some legal mumbo jumbo, do I understand the terms?, blah, blah, blah. Part of the mumbo jumbo was that I agreed to pay the stop payment fee. Of course I wasn't told what the fee was, I had to ask. So basically I had to pay $18 to stop payment on a $24.32 check. Need I say more?

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