Friday, October 14, 2005

In Memory of Ron Seibert

A friend of ours passed away this Wednesday. His name was Ron, he was sixty-seven years old, though it never occurred to me he was over fifty. His death was very unexpected, he was playing racquetball and collapsed. The paramedics were never able to revive him.

You knew when Ron was in the room. Loud and opinionated, not afraid to tell you how he really felt. But a heart of gold. He was a teaser too. He loved to get Sophia going. And the kids really enjoyed him. He was fun.

Ron is survived by his wife, Olga (who understandably is devastated), a daughter and a son from his first marriage, and four grandchildren. Ron's love for his children and grandchildren was so apparent when he spoke about them. He also made the trip to visit from California to Oregon whenever he could manage. He is also survived by his mother. I can't imagine outliving any of my children. They are all in our prayers.

My greatest memory of Ron is from an evening at my mom's house when we were all over for dinner. I was trying to convince someone to eat their cabbage, telling them it was good for their colon. "Yea", says Ron, "but it's a bitch to get up there".

He will be missed.

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