Monday, January 02, 2006

The Gifts Just Keep On Giving

My Christmas gift from my mom was a trip to Vegas. Vince stayed home with the kids, and my mom took me away for a couple of nights of rest and relaxation. Now the last time I was in Vegas I was pregnant with Annamaria, so my goal was to drink in abundance and do a little gambling. My goal was achieved. We arrived in Vegas Wednesday afternoon, and started with a light sushi lunch. Did a little gambling, then went to the oyster bar for dinner. Did a little more gambling, had ice cream sundaes for dessert. Then did a little more gambling. Once I thought I lost enough money, I headed up to the room. Did a little reading, then went to sleep. The next morning we got to sleep in. Hit the buffet for breakfast, then did a little more gambling. Now you may be thinking I have a gambling problem at this point, but really I didn't loose more than $60. Which is still more than I wanted to loose. Actually I wanted to win, but I never do. We had appointments at the spa at noon, so we headed to the spa and relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit. Then headed to our massage appointments. Eighty minutes of muscle relaxing heaven. Thank you mom! After the spa my mom took me shopping, and we spent way too long in the Chico's store. As a belated birthday gift, she bought me a couple outfits. So that evening I got to wear one of my new outfits to Gallagher's in the New York New York to dinner. We dined on prime meat to our heart's content, and ate the best onion rings ever, while drinking Ketel One martinis. It's been a while for me, they were going down pretty easily. After our dinner we headed to The Big Apple Bar, and watched a great band until almost two in the morning, and sipped apple martinis. We "shared" about seven of them. Like I said, my goal was to drink in abundance, and I met my goal. The next morning we were both feeling a little green around the gills, so we just packed up, decided to skip breakfast, and head home. The problem was neither of us could remember where the car was parked. So after rolling our suitcases around one parking lot, and then another, we finally came across the car. All in all, it was a great escape. After getting over feeling guilty for leaving my husband home with three small children, I truly enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the next time.

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Lena said...

What a wonderful gift. You are spoiled. It sounds like the two of you had a great time. Just think, some day we will have trips like this with our daughters.