Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Milestone Missed

Today Annamaria pushed herself into a standing position using her bouncy seat and I was unable to capture any photographic evidence of this amazing feat. "Why?", you may ask. Because for some strange reason our digital camera is not cooperating. Upon closer inspection Vince found that the memory disk had been scratched and is pretty much useless now. It kind of looks like maybe, oh I don't know, maybe Harrison put it in his mouth and scratched it with one of his canine teeth. How he came to finding it, pulling it out of the camera or the computer adaptor and sticking it in his mouth, then putting it back, I'll never know. Maybe he's getting a bad rap and he's completely innocent, but that really would fit in with his behavior these past couple days. He's been in trouble for one thing or another for what seems like forever, and it's really trying my patience. I'm hoping it's only a phase. I thought he pulled off the "terrible two's" with uncommon style, but it looks like the "terrible three's" will be something to remember.

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Lena said...

At least you will have a good reason to write in her baby book why this milestone was missed. The milestone itself is exciting. She will be walking before you know it. Olivia is still working on sitting. ;-)