Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy 9 Months Old Annamaria!

I cannot believe my little pooge of a girl is already nine months old. She doesn't yet say "ma", or "da", but she does say "ba ba ba". She doesn't wave good-bye or blow kisses, which she's suposedly suposed to be doing by now. She still doesn't crawl with her tummy off the ground, unless she makes it into the kitchen, then tries to get her tummy off the cold stone floor. She is still toothless too. So was Sophia until she year one year. Annamaria sits up if you place her that way, and will stay for a bit, until she looses her balance then tumbles over. But she can pull herself up to a kind of hunched standing position. I know each child is different and shouldn't be compared, but I think Sophia pretty much followed the timelines given in the baby development guides, and Harrison crawled and walked and grew teeth like a champ. He was a bit slow to talk, and we're still working on potty training though. Annamaria is still pretty little, it's been a while since her last check-up, but I'd guess she's not over 14 pounds. Maybe 15. She eats like she knows what she's doing, and I've never seen her turn down anything that's been offered. I'm wondering if she'll just catch up some day, and before I know it will be doing it all. Funny, you'd think by the third child I'd have this all figured out by now.

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Lena said...

Wow. 9 Months old already. Where does the time go?
Maybe by the 4th child you will have it all figured out. ;-)