Monday, September 11, 2006

No Baby Yet

Well, today is my due date, and no baby yet. Perhaps I'm being a bit impatient, it is only 10 in the morning, but still. I'm tired of lying around the house, waiting to go into labor. Yesterday at mass, people would ask me when I was due, and when I would respond, "tomorrow", their eyes would pop out of their heads and their response would all be the same, "oh!". What do they expect me to do? Continue to lie around the house doing pretty much nothing? I thought I'd at least go to mass and do something good for myself. Of course if I was really on the ball, I'd have gone to reconciliation on Saturday, but I'm not that organized. So in an effort to get things going, this morning I vacuumed the house, swept the kitchen floor, windexed the mirrors, and emptied the dish washer. Still nothing. Patience is a virtue, but unfortunately not one that I possess.

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Jessica said...

Hum, no post for over a week, probably because of a new baby??? I'm glad I didn't miss it (been off-line for a month now, UGH). Can't wait for an update and photos!

Sorry to hear about your house. And the family drama. Like you need all that. But maybe you'll get a better offer on your house soon.