Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two Week Check-Up

Today Francesca had her two week check-up. She's almost back up to her birthweight, weighing in at 9 lb. 3 oz. The doctor said it had been eight days since her last appointment and he would have liked to have seen her gain an ounce a day, but she only gained five ounces. Obviously she's not wasting away though, so he wasn't worried. And here I was thinking what a chunk she is, and he was expecting an ounce a day? Geez. Also, she measured in at 21 1/2", talk about a growth spurt. She's going to catch up to Annamaria before we know it. They're only one diaper size away from each other as it is.

She's still sleeping great. During the day anyway. She'll sleep through feeding time if I let her, and I can put her in her cradle and she'll sleep the day away. That is until the sun sets, then don't even think about putting her down. Maybe she's afraid of the dark? Doubt it.

On the fat front, as of Monday I was below five pounds below my starting weight. But today only four. I know it's only one pound, but I was getting exciting about actually loosing weight. Of course I made brownies yesterday, and felt the need to have a brownie sundae for dessert not only after dinner last night, but also after lunch today. And I wonder why the scale is creeping back up.

And since I'm still a lazy and haven't downloaded any more pictures of Francesca, here's a picture of Annamaria from my birthday dinner.

She's so happy to have a cup with a straw like the big kids. She cracks me up.

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