Friday, September 08, 2006

Not A Good Sign

The other day we received a notice that our street would be closed for repaving on Tuesday, Sept. 12. They do this to us every few years, and the night before we have to park our cars around the corner, out of our driveways if we plan on leaving the house the day that the repaving is taking place. So since my due date is Monday, Sept. 11, I'm really considering this an inconvenience.

Now on my chart at the OB's office my due date is listed as Tuesday, Sept. 12, this is because the OB just couldn't stand putting 9/11 on my chart. But whatever, if anything a 9/11 delivery will just help redeem that day for me.

Then today as I was running errands, I was driving down Centre City Parkway, which happens to be a main road through Escondido, and the one that I use to get in and out of town from our house. While running my errands I see a big notice stating that Centre City Parkway will be closed on Monday, Sept. 11, and Tuesday, Sept. 12 for repaving. So the fact that if I go into labor when expected, I will not only have to walk down my street to get to my car to get to the hospital (luckily we only live four houses down from the corner), but we will have to find an alternate route to get to the I-15 to get to the hospital. Which by the way is almost 20 miles from our house, and getting from our house to Mary Birch (the hospital) in morning traffic can take over an hour. The past three times I've been lucky and gone into labor either at night or at some ungodly hour in the morning and have been able to avoid the traffic. So I'm hoping the two road closures and the distance to the hospital are the only obstacles we have to overcome. It's beginning to make me very nervous.

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