Friday, February 01, 2008

Two Weeks

I realized that at first glance my title may be misleading. It may lead one to jump to wild conclusions even. So, just for clarity, no I am not two weeks pregnant, so just calm down. Don’t get excited.

Vince called me this morning, outside of his normal calling routine, to tell me Chris from Salt Creek (our builders) had just called him. She just wanted to let him know, that they’ll be doing the soil testing which should take two weeks. In the meantime they’ll be setting up the stakes to mark the foundation of the house. Once the soil test results come back, ground breaking will begin, and she said the process should just fly from there.

It was all good news. She was just keeping us updated. So why was it, when Vince told me Chris just called, did I stiffen? Clench up a bit even? I held my breath until he was done telling me what he wanted to tell me. It then took me a moment or two to process the information. It then took me another moment or two to realize that the information wasn’t bad. It was good even. They’ll be breaking ground in two weeks. Two weeks! So what bothers me is that I immediately went to the place where something must be wrong. Oh, what is it now?

Over the past year or two we’ve been through a bunch of crappy happenings. So now I’m just expecting it, the crappy happenings that is. But Vince is employed, we’re practically debt free (until we purchase this house anyway), everyone is healthy, etc., etc. But I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m expecting this house of cards to come a tumbling down. For the sh*t to hit the fan. I can’t just seem to relax, and enjoy the good times while they are here. Because I know, this too shall pass. Just like the crappiness passing, the happiness will pass. That’s life, right? It ebbs and flows, the happiness and the crappiness. You’ve got to take the good with the bad. For every sunshine, a little rain must fall. How many more clich├ęs can I come up with?

It’s my ability, no tendency, to cling to the negative that bothers me. So, how does one become a half-full type person? Is it something you’re either born, or is it something you can learn? I heard a person say, “I believe if you just focus on the positive, all the negative stuff will just go away”. I immediately thought, “Wow, way to live in denial”.

Well either way, in two weeks I should be able to post pictures of more than brush and dirt.

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