Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why My Mom Is Da Bomb

Late yesterday I noticed a package left on our porch. It was the package my mom said she was sending us for Vince's birthday and for Valentine's Day. Inside the package was goodies for everyone!

1) For Vince's birthday, she sent a gift card to Roy's. Yuumm, Roy's. Thank you from the both of us, since I'm sure I'll be the one that gets to go with.

2) Also in the package was handmade Valentine's aprons for me and each of the kids. My and Sophia's aprons match with cupids and hearts, but someone had to take the picture. Harrison's apron has puppies and little paw prints. The babies have conversation hearts, one trimmed out in pink (Annamaria chose that one), and the other in purple. So cute!
I love how Francesca is looking at her whisk like, "What the heck is this thing, and what I'm I suposed to do with it?" And yes, the kids are in their PJ's, it was still early when I took the picture. So we're all outfitted for our Valentine cookie baking. And "thank you" Aunt Sue for the extra apron, a spare always comes in handy. ( A cute puzzle fabric one.)

3) And as if my new apron wasn't enough, there was a Starbucks gift card tucked into my apron pocket. Finding it just made me giddy all over. Of course Vince had to roll his eyes. He just doesn't understand, black coffee drinker that he is.

4) A generous contribution check towards Sophia's orthodontic needs. The kids needs some help. Much appreciated.

5) A pair of cords my grandma picked up at the $5.00 store for $2.50. Too small for her, too big for my mom. And while they're not typically anything I'd pick out for myself, they fit. So who am I to refuse a free pair of new pants? Thanks.

It was like a mini-Christmas.

Thank you Grandma Dee Dee. We love you!


Lena said...

Those little aprons are the cutest!!! Don't you just love grandmas?

Jessica said...

Oh those aprons are TOO CUTE! My mom could take some lessons... ;)

Grandma Dee Dee said...

I just noticed from the photo that I put the pocket on Annamaria's apron backwards. How many times did I look at that, and not see it!

Dawn said...

I didn't notice either. It's just another indicator of her specialness.