Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Joke Is On Me

That is a positive pregnancy test, just in case you were wondering what you were looking at.


Anonymous said...

Well, congratulations!!! I guess you set yourself up for giving up that info on April Fools day. Gotta hand it to you Dawn, you are brave! I now live in a house w/ 5 children and it's tough.

Love you guys,

Jessica said...

WOW, congratulations! Will the house be done before the new arrival? I still don't see how you handle FOUR! I'm such a wimp. :) Can't wait for more baby updates!

CCT said...

omigosh, congrats! :) five children is impressive. the mere concept makes me want to run and hide ... you are one brave chiquita! is the new booth baby part of a master plan or are you just going with the flow and seeing what life hands you?

Dawn said...

Going with the flow. Which goes against everything else in my life, being the control freak that I am. But I am slowly learning that I'm truly not in control of anything, except maybe how I react to things.