Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Coming Clean

I have a secret. A secret I feel I can no longer keep to myself. It's going to come out eventually anyway, so I figure why not just go ahead and put it out there. Now I realize that this information will cause many different reactions in many different people. When I informed my Grandma of my secret the news sent her into a fit of making many blasphemous statements. Some will be happy, some will be angry, some may even be threatened. Some will think, "how wonderful", and others will think we're incredibly irresponsible.

Deep breath, here we go . . . Booth baby number five is coming to a hospital near me this fall.

So there you are. I'll let you digest this information for a little while, compose yourselves, talk amongst yourselves, whatever it is you feel the need to do.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I, for one, think this is FABULOUS news. Good for you all! I wish you luck, health, and happiness! Will you be able to bring the baby home to the beautiful new home?

Anonymous said...

We all know it is April fool's!!! You are pull one over on us aren't you!

Anonymous said...

You used this one last year... you need to come up with something new. Maybe baby #5 & #6... now that would be good!!!