Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Crazy Holy Week

This week has been go, go, go. Between cooking, sewing, missed orthodontist appointments, and just trying to keep up on the housework and homeschooling, it's all I can do to not go crazy. I'm still working on the girls Easter dresses. Making progress is like pulling teeth. But I'm almost done. Almost. I was going to make hats to go with them, but I think I've accepted the fact that that is just not going to happen.

The Easter cookie baking is in progress, I'll post photos of the actual cookies later. For now here are some photos of the kids in their cute new Easter aprons Grandma Dee Dee made for them, and some sugar cookie decorating.
Harrison has the goofiest look on his face. And Francesca has her apron on backwards, she insisted on putting it on herself. I think Sophia was busy doing schoolwork when I took this, that's why she's not in it. And yes, my kids are still in their pajamas.

Sophia's decorating skills are really coming along. She put patience into getting them just right.

And Harrison wasn't doing too shabby either.

Even Annamaria took her time. Not bad for a three year old.

But Francesca thinks eating them is the best part.


Vincent Booth said...

Yea, my kids are darn cute alright! But what's that you say, no hats?!?!

Francesca looks like she's in ecstasy over that cookie. Or has she been at the rum again?

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

They must take after their mommy!