Friday, April 03, 2009

Foster Mom

A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend/neighbor about inducing vomiting in dogs. I know this sounds strange, but Cooper ate some rat poison from another one of our neighbor's yards, so we had recent experience in this area. Cooper is fine by the way, thank you for asking. Anyway, she had just gotten a call from a friend of hers whose sister's dog was going into a seizure, and they thought maybe it was poison induced. So we gave her the info she needed, and hung up. I called her back later to see how things were going, and find out that the dog, we now call her Momma Dog, had crawled under the porch and was just left to seize without any help or intervention because the friend's sister's boyfriend didn't want to be bothered "with that shit". What a classy guy. To make the story worse, Momma Dog had just given birth the week prior to seven puppies, who were left in the barn on their own (it was in the 30's that night), to fend for themselves because he didn't want to be bothered with picking up any formula or bottles to feed them. They'd either make it or not. I tell you she should marry that man. I was so angry. My friend/neighbor and I were ready to go to their place and take the puppies away from them at 9pm at night. Problem was that they live 3 hours away. Even Vince who is of the firm opinion that animals are just animals, and don't belong in the house, and blah, blah, blah said that if he didn't want to be bothered then the decent thing to do would be to just shoot them all and put them out of their misery, not let them starve to death. Ouch.

Next morning Momma Dog is dead, so my friend/neighbor makes the drives and gets six of the puppies. The spineless girlfriend insisted on keeping the one she liked best. Whatever. So I took two, my friend/neighbor kept two, and a woman down the road who has a small farm took two. They were so tiny, one fit in the palm of my hand. Their eyes and ears were closed, they had no teeth. So fragile. So for three days I did the feedings every two hours, wipe the butt to make them potty, try to get the fleas off them thing. I could not believe the fleas, especially in this season. Yuck. But we got them cleaned up, and fed well, and all six are thriving and happy. After three days I was exhausted, I was told I looked like the walking dead. So my friend/neighbor called the farm lady and had her come pick up my two puppies. Seems this woman has a gift, she had gotten her two to sleep through the night already so she gladly took my two. The kids were so sad to see them go, but honestly I was relieved. So I've been sharing the other two with my friend/neighbor, and they should be ready for their forever homes in just a couple of weeks.
So puppies, puppies anyone? Momma was a rottweiler, papa was a rolling stone, so who knows. Puppy Boy looks like a rottie, and Puppy Girl looks black lab like.

And the cats are annoyed and would like to see them go too.

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Over Coffee - the green edition said...

How nice of you! I am sure you will find them a good home ;-)