Monday, May 15, 2006

All By Myself

Vince left for Montana last Wednesday. It was a grueling two day drive, but he made it safe and sound. He took a load of our stuff up there and was suposed to look for a rental house for us to live in while we find a place to buy. The problem is that anyplace that allows pets, our two monster dogs and one crazy cat, also allows smoking. So the couple places he checked out reaked of smoke. I swear that stuff gets into the walls. So after some discussing we agreed that we could buy someplace modest, but clean and relatively new and our mortgage would be the same if not less than rent. So that is his goal during his remaining time there, to find a house to buy. He'll be home next Friday, so he's only got a couple of days in which to get this done. I think he has appointments at eight different places today. Our place goes on the market on Friday the 26th, so once he gets back home he needs to boogy and get all the little stuff done. My dream is that our house will go on the market, we'll have an open house and someone will fall in love with the place and we'll have an offer within a week. Happens on Designed to Sell all the time, right?

So Mother's Day was different being a single mom. I got the house picked and cleaned up. My mom and grandma came over with a friend of the family, and we had a fabulous dinner just us girls. Harrison was the only trace of testosterone in the place. I have pictures of Annamaria taken to give for the Mother's Day presents which came out really well. I have a tradition of taking the kids pictures in the baptism gown and in a Winnie the Pooh outfit I bought when I was pregnant with Sophia. So I owed my mom these two pictures, I'm way over due. Annamaria was baptised about nine months ago, but better late than never.

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Lena said...

Those are beautiful pictures. She looks more like Vince everyday.

Greg had the task of buying us a house in Oregon over a weekend and he amazed me by actually achomplishing it so I have complete confidence in Vince to do the same. ;-)

Happy Mother's Day!!!!