Friday, May 19, 2006

A Bad, Bad Day

Let's see. First of all, yes I did get the dogs back. Another neighbor about a mile up the road from us called me at about 2pm on Wednesday to tell me she's had my dogs since last night. So I loaded Harrison and Annamaria in the car and hurrily got the dogs back home before having to go get Sophia by 3:15. I plugged in the electric fence, and secured any areas I thought they might take advantage of getting through. All was good. I thought. So Thursday morning I get up, get Sophia to school, make a short run to Target, come back home and get Annamaria some breakfast. I was feeling pretty good and thought I might have a productive day. While Annamaria was eating, Harrison was out back playing with the dogs. He comes running in the house and tells me the dogs got out. Apparently he pushed down part of their dog run and they skipped across the electric fence and squeezed between the gate and the fence. Ugh! So I run out to the front yard and start calling them. Nothing. I load Harrison and Annamaria back into the car and drive all around our neighborhood. Again nothing. I'm so angry at this point that I was in tears. Angry and fustrated, I returned home and called the Escondido Humane Society, for the third time this week, to report my dogs missing. I really was thinking that if they didn't want to stay in the yard then they could just go away, I didn't want them anymore at that point anyway. But I called them in anyway, just to clear my conscience. After a little while, I sat down on the couch with Harrison after putting Annamaria down for a nap. Somewhere along our day Harrison found some gum, probably already chewed but I'm not sure. I was even aware he had any gum and when I asked him about it he said he was hiding it from me. Yea, no kidding. He left said gum sitting on our couch and when I sat down with him I sat on it. Once again, here I am angry and fustrated. Now there was gum stuck to my butt and to our couch. So I changed my pants and got out the Folex to try to clean the gum off our couch. While I was cleaning the couch I sent Harrison to the bathroom to pee on the potty. We're still working on potty training. While he was in the bathroom he got into my makeup bag and came back with powder all over him. I got the powder cleaned off him, thankfully it was only powder, and went to take a shower. While I was in the shower, Harrison got the Folex and sprayed it all over the couch and the table. When I walked back into the den he told me he "cleaned up". My fault, I left the Folex sitting on the table. So after cleaning the puddle of Folex off the table I had to get ready to take Annamaria to her 3 o'clock one-year check up. Her doctor is in Encinitas and a pretty popular guy, so when you have a 3 o'clock appointment, that means he usually comes strolling into your waiting room around 4 o'clock. Knowing this I had already prepared myself for rush hour traffic on the way home. As expected, Dr. T came strolling into our waiting room about 4pm. I told him we'd be moving soon and let our insurance lapse since no where in Helena accepted Pacificare. I told him as long as her immunizations didn't come to over $800, we'd still be ahead of the game since that was what our Cobra payment would be anyway. Upon hearing this, he told me to save my money and take her to the Public Health clinic and get her immunizations there. Of course there are no appointments and I'm sure I'll have to sit there for hours, but he wouldn't hear otherwise. So basically my trip to Encinitas was for nothing. The only thing I got accomplished was getting Annamaria weighed and measured. She only weighs 16 pounds, she is 26 inches long, and her head circumference is 46.5 cm. She's a tiny. We got back to Escondido o-kay. Got Sophia picked up from the school extension program and were heading back home when my cell phone rang. It was the Escondido Humane Society. They had my stupid dogs. So I took a quick right and headed East to go get them back. Ninety-five dollars later in bail money, I had the dogs back and was finally heading home. I had planned on driving through Alberto's on the way home since it was getting too late to make dinner, and since the dogs were behaving pretty well, I decided to stick to my plan. I ordered cheese enchiladas for Harrison and Annamaria, tacos for me, and rolled tacos for Sophia. I pulled up to the window to pay, and the guy hands me two containers. So I repeated my order and asked that it was all there. He shook his head impatiently and tells me "yes, yes". So I took my change and drove off feeling like an idiot. I got home, got the dogs back in the back yard, the kids in the house and we settled down to finally eat dinner. I open the containers from Alberto's and guess what. No rolled tacos. I did the math in my head and at least I wasn't charged for them. Lucky for them anyway, because at that point, I was not to be messed with.

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Jessica said...

I hope Vince is prepared to pamper you to death upon his return! You need a break. Hope your dogs don't escape again. How is the house hunting going?