Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Big Birthday

First of all I want to start by saying that over the past few weeks, we've been asking Annamaria how old she is going to be. She responds by holding up her hand and showing us "one". Unfortunatelly I haven't been able to get a picture of this amazing feat. But honestly, she does do it. I have live witnesses, just no photographic proof. And not for lack of trying, I'll tell you that.

I think Annamaria had a nice first birthday. My mom, Grandma Dee Dee, and my grandma, Granny M, came over. Dinner went over very well. I made ciabatta (Italian Slipper Bread) and artichoke dip. She ate at least three pieces of bread before dinner. We had a spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing. I cheated, Annamaria is not suposed to have meat until she is two, but I figured a little bacon grease wouldn't hurt. And she loved it anyway, munching away on those spinach leaves. Now I've never made pasta primavera before, but now that I have I'm sure I'll be making it again. Even though I forgot to add the fresh basil and lemon juice before serving it. And I left the parmeasan cheese out by mistake too. But it was yummy anyway. Annamaria ate at least four helpings. And Harrison being the pasta boy that he is had several servings too.

The strawberry cream cake came out great. I think the strawberries were Annamaria's favorite part. And Sophia enjoyed having a slice for breakfast this morning. I figure it's fruit and cream, how bad could it be.

Annamaria was a little slow opening her presents, she just doesn't quite get it yet, but it was fun for us. I bought her a new package of tippy cups since she tossed one out of her stroller at Sea World the other week without me noticing, and we were down to just one. She was so happy to see the tippy cups she tried drinking out of them directly from the package. She knows what those are for. Sophia grabbed a stuffed animal from her room and wrapped it up for Annamaria. I thought that was very sweet, and Annamaria liked it so much she took it to bed with her last night. Annamaria also got a few very cute outfits, so she'll all set for summer. All in all I think it was a good day. Between that and packing up books and clothes for the move, I'm pooped.


Jessica said...

Let me start by saying that strawberry cake looks a MILLION times better than the Toxic Pink Bunny Cake!!! :)

Happy birthday to your little cutie!

And best of luck with your move.

Tell the fam I said "Hi"!

Lena said...

What a great first birthday. It looks like she had a great time. That cake looks so yummy. Want to come make Olivia's?