Monday, March 31, 2008

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled "New House Obsessed" Posts

Easter has come and gone. The cookies are nearly all eaten, though there are still plenty of jelly beans. Time to get back to "The House".

I just checked back, and the last photo of our house was only of the frame for the slab to be poured. So much has changed! We took the drive to Azle on Saturday, and as we came around the corner Sophia exclaimed, "That's our house!?". The last time we were there they had just started framing it out, it's now completely framed, Tyvec wrapped, roofed and partly shingled, and the wires were being run for everything electrical. What a difference a week makes. So just for photographic prosperity, we have . . .

Slab Pre-Pour.

Wet Slab.

Beginning of the framing.

More framing.

The trees in front are going to be removed. There is a Cedar and an Oak, but they're just too close to the house to leave. We weren't sure about how close they'd look until now, and the builders didn't want to remove them if we wanted them, and I like the idea of keeping as many trees as possible, but they really are too close so they'll have to go.

Saturday, the house looked like . . .

The Front of the House

Side View (you can see the garage behind the tractor)

Rear View

And a view of our backyard from upstairs . . .

After all that running around the construction site, and a chinese dinner in which they covered themselves in sweet-and-sour sauce those babies really needed a bath.Plus this post needed some cuteness.

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