Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And The Mother of the Year Award Goes To . . .

Well, basically anyone but me.

There seems to be a right of passage for the Booth children of this household. And I'm sorry to report that it's not a pleasant one. And I'm even more sorry to report that last Sunday Annamaria experienced this right of passage. What is it you may ask, that all my children must endure? Besides an inept mother that is. Rolling off the bed. Yes, just before leaving for Mass last Sunday, Annamaria rolled off our bed. I was in the bathroom getting ready to leave, I heard a whack, then a thump, then the crying followed. I dashed in the room to find Little Baby Big Head on the floor. She was o-kay, just really upset, understandably. She isn't crawling yet, though she does get around by rolling, but she was smack in the middle of our bed and up against the headboard, so I'm still not sure how she managed it. I remember the first time Sophia rolled off our bed. Yes, the first time. She was only two weeks old. But she didn't land on the floor, she landed in an upper drawer. We have a captain's bed with two rows of drawers on either side. Not to say a drawer was any less pleasant to fall in. Of course the second time she rolled off our bed she landed on the floor. Then there was the time she flipped off her changing table. Anyone out there calling Child Protective Services yet? At least our bedroom floors are carpeted. And when Harrison rolled off our bed I was lying right there beside him. Even tried to grab him, but he was too fast. So after three children and multiple incidents, you'd think I'd learn.

And now she has a cold. Poor baby, stuffy nose and slight fever. She's become a mouth breather, so sleeping through the night has taken a hiatus. Hopefully full nights of sleep will resume shortly. For Vince that is, I've been sleeping through most of all the mid-night fussiness. She's still happy though, we're still getting lots of smiles. And while baking foccacia yesterday I discovered she likes to chew on rosemary stems. Don't worry, I watched her closely. There was no choking, only smiles.

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Jessica said...

Oh what a cutie! Was this picture before or after the fall? It looks like she survived alright. ;)

Does she have red hair, or is it a trick of the light?