Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Reluctant Caterer

So I was planning on catering this Christmas Social thing this friday for the women's group at our church. The problem was that they wanted all this food, but barely had any budget to speak of. And while I'm all for helping, I think I should at least make a little money for my troubles. Then, their ticket sales weren't going too well. Horribly I was told. "How horribly?", I had to ask. Five. "You've only sold five tickets?" Yes, five. "Wow, so did you set a minimum amount that if you don't reach, you'll just cancel the event?" Oh, never thought of that. The centerpieces are all ready done, what would I do with them if we cancelled? Unbelievable. And this was just before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving ticket sales were up to 30, but still, when past year's ticket sales were between 80 and 120, 30 is very dissapointing. So in my mind the whole was going to be cancelled, and I was actually relieved. This was as of yesterday around 1pm. Then a mass e-mailing went out telling people they needed to buy their tickets now. Later that day I get a call that ticket sales are now just over 50, and the party is still on. Oh, o-kay. The menu got shaved down to keep their costs down, and I was told to plan for 60 just in case. Then I was asked if she could call me Thursday with the final numbers. Thursday? You mean the day before the event? No, I'm sorry. I have lunch for 15 on Thursday, the social Friday night, then a dinner on Saturday. And since I typically require five business days notice on final head count, I didn't even feel bad saying no. So last night and today has consisted of planning, shopping, and prepping. And of course there is still more to do. Haven't even started on lunch for tomorrow. Speaking of, I'd better stop procrastinating, and hit one more store before I have to go pick up Sophia from school. I really wish the whole thing had just gotten cancelled.

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