Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birthday Update

Harrison's 3rd birthday celebration was a success. We gave him a train set, Granny M gave him a Spiderman watch, and Grandma DeeDee came through with a hot red motorcycle tricycle. A whole lotta fun! As you can see our kitchen is still under contruction.

Poor Sophia could barely contain herself. All she wanted to do was get down on the floor and play with Harrison and his trains, but we were trying to let him have a little time to himself. Next month is her turn though, so her time is coming.

Dinner was yummy, and as usual I ate way too much. I think we all did. We started off with Crab Imperial and fresh baked ciabatta. We had a romaine salad with hearts of palm and homemade blue cheese dressing. Then we had pasta with clam sauce. Harrison loves pasta, and ate very well. By the time is was cake time I was so full I could barely stand it. I must say I was dissapointed in the cake though. It looked alright, but something was off. The recipe came from my Cook's Illustrated Baking Illustrated book, so I'm really suprised that it dissapointed. Their recipes are usually so good. Maybe it was something I did wrong, but I can't think what. But it couldn't have been too bad because Grandma DeeDee had two pieces, something she never does.

And in all the birthday excitment I forgot to mention that Annamaria had her six month check-up on Thursday. The stats are in. Little baby big head weighs in at 11 lb., 12 oz. Her length is 24", and I didn't get her head circumference. I've been a little concerned about her being so tiny, so this morning I looked up Sophia's stats when she was Annamaria's age, and she was even smaller! I really have a hard time believing that, but there it was. I guess I can stop worrying now.

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