Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Photographic Success!

Yesterday morning I got Sophia to school, then headed off to Kiddie Kandids just as planned. I was even first in line for photographs. I was feeling so smug when I saw two other moms line up behind me to get their names down for pictures. Harrison was pretty good. I did have to bribe him with gum, but hey, whatever works. Annamaria was less accomodating, but she's just a baby. And she still has a stuffy nose, so really I don't blame her.

So here are pictures of my gorgeous children. O-kay, so Sophia has a scratch on her chin and when she's older we'll definetly be waxing those eye brows, and Annamaria's ears stick out a bit, but I think they're gorgeous just the same.

Now you'll just have to wait for the group shot in your Christmas cards. And yes Jessica, I'll even send one to Okinawa if I get a mailing address from you.

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