Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm a Survivor

Yes, I did survive my hectic week. Thank you for asking. And all went very well. The only mishap occured toward the end of my last job. For some reason I thought I had extra brownies. Now considering that I had baked a batch of pumpkin shortbread, a batch of turtle bars, a batch of mini pecan pies, a batch of key lime tartlets, a batch of lemon bars, and three batches of cheesecake-brownies, one would think that maybe, just maybe there would be extra for the cook to nibble on. Or so I thought. So I took a bite of brownie and then offered Vince a bite to get his opinion. And while the taste of chocolate was still lingering in my mouth, I started adding up my total count of desserts. It was then I realized I had made a terrible mistake. There were no extra brownies. I had just shorted myself one brownie to complete my order. Suddenly it didn't taste so good anymore. And there it sat, a piece of brownie with two bites taken out of it. And no way to make it whole again. Now I know one brownie doesn't sound like a big deal, but this was a drop off order for the client to serve the next day, so I wasn't bringing separated trays. I was wrapping everything tight and as solid as I could so nothing would dry out. So she received two solid squares of 16 pieces of brownies, and one square minus one piece of what should have been 16 pieces. It was so obvious. I had to confess, and I was so embarrassed. Luckily she laughed about it. Whew! Out of the hundred and something pieces of dessert I brought her, she didn't think anyone would miss one piece. I'm glad she was so understanding. I really felt stupid. And I was going to bake another whole batch just to get one more brownie, but I was out of eggs. I went through at least five dozen eggs in the past four days, and I wasn't about to go out and buy more just to replace one brownie. Lesson learned. Always do the math before you nibble.

Sunday we had our Small Church group meeting at our house. It was our turn in the rotation, so just when I thought I was going to be done, I found myself making dinner for eight adults and nine kids. And get the house cleaned up enough for company. Luckily Vince helped out in that department. I just got a new cookbook so I tried out a new recipe on them. Country Captain Chicken. Strange name for a chicken curry dish. But it was really good, so good I made it for 20 people for my lunch job today. But back to Small Church, I was going to make them dessert too, but I forgot I was out of eggs, and didn't buy more while at the store. And once again, I wasn't going to run out to buy more. It can wait. They went without, and no one complained. I'd dare them to anyway.

So this week just two catering jobs, each for 20. And considering one is already done, I'm feeling pretty good. Oh, did I mention I got sick last week too? Severe body aches for a couple days. I didn't know I was coming down with something. I really was starting to think there was something medically wrong with me. Like bone cancer or something. Then Friday I was up with a sore throat and tonsils so big they were about to meet in the middle of my throat. After delivering dinner on Friday I came home and crashed on the couch with a fever. Luckily the fever only lasted the one night, the sore throat hung around till yesterday. But I'm feeling much better now. I think it was the stress that ran me down. So tomorrow just bible study in the morning, then prepping for Thursday's lunch. And I must be going through baking withdrawls because I think I'll make some scones to bring along with me tomorrow morning.

So it occured to me that maybe it would be nice to get some pictures of the kids posted. Enough crabbing about my life. So here's Annamaria from Halloween. She finally woke up after all the festivities ended and her siblings were fast asleep. Here she is in her chicken outfit, complete with webbed feet.

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Jessica said...

No seriously, you are KILLING me with all the food talk. I'm going to get drool all over my keyboard.